Frequently asked questions

Numerous questions may arise in connection with the miniBUD airport shuttle and its other services. Here you will find detailed answers to the most important ones.
miniBUD’s airport shuttle service should be ordered at least 5 hours prior to the departure of your flight on our website at or by telephone via our customer service at +36 1 550 0000
miniBUD’s airport shuttle service must be paid concurrently with the reservation, by credit card. Payment by bank transfer is permitted for our business partners, and in some cases it is also possible to pay by cash.
Following the booking of the miniBUD airport shuttle service, our system sends the invoice automatically, by email, in downloadable PDF format, together with the confirmation of your order. If you purchased the service from a miniBUD business partner, the invoice will be issued by the partner in question, in their own name.
miniBUD would like to minimize the number of false orders, both for business and passenger convenience reasons. False orders constitute unnecessary deviations for miniBUD drivers, and thus inconvenience other passengers already on board.
Airline terms and conditions prescribe that passengers should arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure. It is important to comply with this to ensure that passenger handling can be undertaken in a convenient, secure and hassle-free manner.
Once you have arrived, please report to miniBUD’s customer service counters, where our staff will be happy to assist you.
It is not necessary to print the confirmation of your booking, but please remember or note down the reservation code. The passenger name and the reservation code are sufficient for the identification of our passengers and the use of pre-paid miniBUD airport shuttle services.
It is possible to cancel the miniBUD airport shuttle service in writing, but the service fee is non-refundable
miniBUD airport shuttle operates as a door-to-door collection and distribution service, i.e. passengers traveling at the same time, from the same direction will be transported in the same vehicle.
When you order the miniBUD airport shuttle service, our system will send you the pickup time automatically, by email, together with the order confirmation, and we will also inform you by text message.
During pickup, our colleagues will only ask for the reservation code, which you can find in your confirmation e-mail, the attached invoice and in the text message sent by our system.
In such cases, please call our customer service on +36 1 550 0000 without delay, and our staff will assist you.
miniBUD Kft. is not the legal successor of the previous minibus service provider. Thus, we are not able to fulfill any obligations undertaken by the previous service provider.
It is possible to pay for the miniBUD airport shuttle service in cash at our sales points located at the airport.
The waiting time will be a maximum of 30 minutes, but we are striving to ensure that the miniBUD airport shuttle service should be provided on a continuous basis.
Of course this is possible, but in such cases you have to pay for the service for 8 persons.
miniBUD itself does not provide such a service, but our cooperating partners offer the best Budapest sightseeing tours. You can purchase these when your order your miniBUD airport shuttle service, or as a separate service as well on our website at
The travel time depends on traffic and the addresses of the other passengers traveling in your minibus. miniBUD will strive to provide the shortest possible travel time and to optimize the route in all cases.
miniBUD itself does not provide such a service, however starting from 1st of July, 2016 such a service is offered by our partners,(available from 8 person) for more information please send an email to